Friday, September 19, 2008

Berry Good Smoothie

Oh what a slacker I have been! I have so many pictures and recipes I've yet to post out of pure laziness!! And I admit, I haven't been cooking quite as often since being prego, nothing at home seems to sound very good at times. Or maybe it's just the preparing and cleaning that doesn't sound so good...Anyhow, I'm going to try to be better so here is one recipe I've been meaning to post. I have been craving smoothies. So we went to Costco and picked up some bags of frozen berries and strawberries, and I have only made one so far!! SO I need to get blending. The nice things about smoothies, are that you don;t have to follow a recipe, you can wing it and put in anything you want. I actually just got an e-mail from a friend chalk full of smoothie recipes some even made with oatmeal! I actually want to try that one, maybe I will today. I'll let you know how it goes. 
I love these little serving dishes. We usually reserve these for our tea parties, but they were the perfect size for my kids and their appetite!

The Recipe
Very Berry Smoothies
1c. mixed frozen berries or fruit of your choice
1c. vanilla yogurt or another flavor
1c. crushed ice
orange juice or another juice added for desired consistency

Blend all ingredients and top with whipped cream and additional berries

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laurdacooj said...

i love this fun blog you've made. I look at it often and have tried a few yummy things:) thanks for sharing!
I saw you said you have a friend who puts oatmeal in hers... so I was going to add my two bits too:) if you want it... ha ah!! I LOVE smoothies and have them for breakfast every morning, I got a coffee grinder, and put oatmeal & flax seeds in, grind them in with a cup of soy milk (very vanilla, that is), strawberries, blueberries and a banana, and they are so sos os good! I'm going to try yours! Good luck prego... hope you feel better soon!